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Master Rock Power Chords

Master Rock Power Chords

Experience the excitement of jamming in a rock-n-roll style with Master Rock Power Chords. Use the animated fretboard to master classic rock guitar chords, then play along to over a dozen tracks as you emulate today's top rock artists.

Master Rock Power Chords features:

  • 15 rocking tracks in the style of the world's great rock-n-roll artists
  • Recording feature allowing you to chart your progress & performance skills

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In just a few short weeks you'll be recording yourself playing guitar on tracks in the style of the worlds top rock artists. Master Rock Power Chords covers the whole range of uses of classic rock guitar chords in Rock, Grunge and Punk. You'll soon go from open power chords to Chromatic string 6 and string 5 power chords in 10 easy interactive lessons.

About the Author - Justin Sandercoe

Master Rock Power Chords was written by acclaimed guitarist and teacher Justin Sandercoe. Justin is one of the UK's leading guitarists. A breathtaking performer and charismatic educator, he has designed highly popular courses in guitar teaching, song-writing and guitar musicianship, which he regularly delivers for leading schools and colleges.

You can find out more about Justin Sandercoe at

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Master Rock Power Chords is ideal for:

  • Complete beginners who want to rock
  • Players who want to really master rock power chords
  • Anyone who wants to learn, play, perform and record some great tracks

Master Rock Power Chords features:

  • 15 rocking full-band tracks in the style of the world's great rock-n-roll artists
  • Recording feature allowing you to chart your progress and performance skills
  • Interactive fretboard and strum hand
  • Lessons on muting/articulation and good power chord technique

How does it work?

  • Loop Function allows you to focus on particular parts
  • Mixer lets you slow down the piece until you've learnt it
  • Join the band by using the Minus Guitar feature
  • Record your performance and hear yourself playing with the band

What will you learn?

  • Open power chords
  • Strings 6 and 5 closed power chords
  • Chromatic power chords
  • Palm mute and stop mute technique
  • Slides and Articulation

And loads of great tracks emulating some of today's great artists.

That's not all

Master Rock Power Chords is viewed using the new Music Coach Player. This allows you to view all your modules, free lessons and guides. Master Rock Power Chords also contains:

  • Guitar basics guide gets you started if you've never played before
  • How To Read Tablature section gets you up to speed quickly
  • Detailed instruction on how to hold the pick and finger chords

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